title: MOTHER
medium: Installation
year: 2017
technique: acid on glass fibre fabric, LED projector
edition: unique
measurements: 120 x 80 cm

MOTHER (120 x 80 cm) is a tribute to female beauty.
A call for more trust in eclectic/complex female power.
and to loose the fear, that masculinity would be damaged by this.

In clear terms, female power is the key to a world in balance, appreciation, responsibility and finally therefore peace. Summarising, female power is the social water for life.

Not without reason, mothers justify to be the most important part in a family. They are keeping the parts together, doing absolutely everything good for their beloved ones and can be easily brutal and deadly to external threats in case of danger. Often she also acts more intelligent and is better in smart diplomacy than the male ones.

This is not a negation of the fathers and the masculinity, which is of course also very important for our being. But the femininity is the thrilling and beautiful counterweight to all the testosterone driven acts in our world and more over, it is the foundation of our life.