title: RESPECT
medium: Installation
year: 2018
technique: acid on glass fibre fabric, LED projector
edition: unique
measurements: 260 x 80 cm

The Carpet R E S P E C T (250 x 80 cm) includes several classic kilim motifs, some new arranged ones and one, which is totally new: the notation of the Aretha Franklins tremendous successful song Respect.

Jan Kucks Artwork R E S P E C T is a tribute to female beauty and deals with the essential requirement in a relationship of acting respectful to each other – especially nowadays in times of #metoo this becomes more and more clear.

Like Jan Kuck says about his work MOTHER, woman are is the thrilling and beautiful counterweight to all the testosterone driven acts in our world and more over, it is the foundation of our life. This is not a negation of the fathers and the masculinity but female power is the key to a world in balance, appreciation, responsibility and finally peace.
Summarising it is the social water of our life.