title: UNITY
medium: Installation
year: 2017
technique: acid on glass fibre fabric, LED projector
edition: unique
measurements: 160 x 80 cm

The Carpet U N I T Y (160 x 80 cm) includes two several classic kilim motifs, three new arranged ones and one, which is purely fictional.

The classic motifs are the Burdock and the Scorpion / Dragon motif. The new arranged ones are a combination or modification of classic kilim motifs like the center pattern, which is combination of a doubled Fertility and a single Wolfs Mouth motif. Also the border consists out of the doubled Fertility motif.

The only purely fictional motif embraces the central motifs and consists out of Ludvig van Beethovens notation for Ode to Joy, the 9th Symphony. This feminie motif is a doubled metaphor and includes the main message of the carpet:

During the second world war it’s original score was divided into three parts. Only after Germany reunification all three parts could be reunited. Furthermore the 9th Symphony is the official Anthem for the European Union and therefore a strong symbol for social cohension.

To create a pattern out of the notation Jan Kuck bended and doubled the notes into a shape of an amphora or vase, which is a symbol for life, as it contains water for the flowers and also for the death, in the meaning of an urn.

U N I T Y deals with the necessity of spiritual fertility in combination with prudent and careful acting, if you want to be a constructive part of world community, in particular, the European Union.
He intentionally chose the female fertility motif as the main pattern, because the female properties as smart power and emotional intelligence is needed now more than ever in our world, which is primary ruled by male leaders.

It also clarifies the hope, that our future will be more defined by cooperation instead of confrontation.