Material: neon tubes
Dimension: 100 x 57 cm
Edition: 3 + 1 AP
Year: 2015 – 2020

The neon installation no one will know, seriously? raises the question of our social responsibility in an ambiguous manner.
It is at the same time the eponymous piece to the exhibition WHO CARES – Social Responsibility in Contemporary Art.
With this work Jan Kuck points out above all the dilemma of those who attempt to act right in our
more and more complex world, and fail inevitably.
One can therefore be almost positive that the avoidance of mistakes often leads to new mistakes.
WHO CARES is therefore also a statement about the complexity of our society and its inherent absurdity.

Only the AP of this edition is still available.
Together with Jan Kucks Gallery Bernheimer Contemporary we will
donate 30% of the achieved sales price to the WHO (World Health Organization)
to support their fight against COVID-19.