JAN KUCK was born in 1978 in Hannover and has been living and working in Berlin since 2004 and since 2018 in Munich.

Kucks intention is to illustrate a humorous critical point of view.
His focus lies on conceptional and performance art. This can be expressed through criticism of the unreflected awkward decadency of our nowadays society or even by playful constructions of reality. His ideas and conceptual art is expressed through all different kinds of media: sculptures, installations, video works, performances and design.

Kucks art – and design works are a mirror of his biography.
At first he studied law, a path that he has to left shortly before his first state examination, cause the stiff environment would have led him straight into insanity. The logical outcome for Kuck was to engage in the studies of philosophy and history in order to understand how artistic approaches can be transformed into concepts and performances.
His master’s thesis in philosophy considered the question, how the standard of living is affected by the money paradim of our economic systems.

Jan Kuck conceptualised his first own gallery exhibition (PACKET-SOUP) in 2012, and displayed his work at SAVVY Contemporary Gallery Berlin attracting extensive media coverage. In October 2013 he presented his design sculpture – the T.TABLE – at JR Gallery Berlin to a selected audience and therefore received considerable national and international press attention.

From June 2014 Jan Kuck has been represented by BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY. Since than he took part in over 50 exhibitions until February 2020. Among others the charity auction for the Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, Arsenale Docks during the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, Highlights Kunstmesse München, Art Budapest, Ansbach Biennale, Anna Laudel Contemporary Istanbul, State Textile and Industry Museum Augsburg.

Currently he is preparing national and international solo- & group-exhibitions.


2021 (06th March – 14th March)

2020 -2021 (May – February)
Amish Quilts meet Modern Art, tim | Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum, Augsburg

2020 (November)
PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V. – 18. BENEFIZAUKTION, Munich

2020 (July – August)
Gruppenausstellung bei Michael Heufelder, München

2020 (7th March – 15th March)
The Burning River @ Isar, Munich

2020 (18th February – 17th March)
DESIGN! or NO SIGN? @ Siegestor Munich, MCBW Munich

November 2019
Art Düsseldorf Bernheimer Fine Art, Düsseldorf

2019 (10th November)

2019 (April)
Jan Kuck TIME TO TALK NOW @ Kunsthalle München, Munich

2019 (January – February)
BC-PopUp @ Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

2018 (October)
VANITAS IS CONTEMPORARY, BC-PopUp @ Gallery Jordanow, Munich

2018 (30th September)
Respect & Liberty – salon talk with Dr. J. R. Horta (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) and Dr. K. B. Murr (director State Textile and Industry Museum Augsburg)

2018 (September)
POSITIONS Art Fair, Stand Telefonseelsorge, Berlin

2018 (September)
GOLD – Galerie Valentien, Stuttgart

2018 (September – October)
MONUMENTA – intelligence of many, Leipzig

2018 (June)
paper positions basel, Bernheimer Contemporary, Basel

2018 (April – June)
WONDERLAND I & II at historischer Kornversuchsspeicher, Berlin

2018 (February)
Temporary Culture Artlab at historischer Kornversuchsspeicher, Berlin

2018 (January – February)
SEGRETE Tracce di Memoria – Artisti alleati in memoria della Shoah, Genova Italy

2017 (November – December)
HISTORY IS NOW – solo exhibition Jan Kuck @ ANNA LAUDEL contemporary, Istanbul

2017 (September)
ART MARKET BUDAPEST – Bernheimer Contemporary, Budapest Hungary

2017 (September)
MATERIAL BOYS & GIRLS – PART II @ Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin

2017 (September)
Contemporary Istanbul 2017 Art Fair @ ANNA LAUDEL contemporary

2017 (September)

2017 (June – July)
WE ALL LOVE ART @ Schlachthaus.fresh&fine art SevenStarGallery

2017 (July – August)
Biennale “Le latitudini dell’arte” 3° ediz. Germania e Italia

2016 – 2017 (November – July)
ARACHNE – Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg – tim Bayern, Augsburg Germany

2017 (April – June)
MIXED REALITIES @ Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin

2017 (March)
ARACHNE – MCBW FORUM @ Deutsches Museum, Munich

2017 (February)
art KARLSRUHE intenational art fair, Bernheimer Contemporary, Karlsruhe Germany

2017 (January – February)
LET‘S PLAY ?!, Bernheimer Contemporary @ Galerie Kremers, Berlin

2016 (December 2016 – February 2017)
WHEN DID WE STOP PLAYING – ART350 / Anna Laudel Contemporary, Istanbul

2016 (November)
SOFA CHICAGO Art fair – Berengo Studio, Chicago USA

2016 (October – November)
stARTart by BC, Berlin – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Palais an der Oper, Munich

2016 (October)
7th Benefiz-Kunstauktion Preview @ mianki.Gallery – Stiftung Telefonseelsorge, Berlin

2016 (November)
7. Benefiz-Kunstauktion @ BERLINISCHE GALERIE – Stiftung Telefonseelsorge, Berlin

2016 (October)
ART MARKET BUDAPEST – Bernheimer Contemporary, Budapest Hungary

2016 (September) 
WIDE(R)KUNST @ Holzmarkt Berlin

2016 (August – September)
Ansbach Contemporary- 1st Biennale for Contempoary Art at the residential city Ansbach

2016 (July – September)
PLASTIC Obsession @ Umweltbundesamt, Dessau

2016 (July – August)
ARACHNE – during la Biennale di Venezia – 15th Intl. Architecture Exhibition @ Arsenale Docks – Castello 40, 30122 Venice

2016 (April – June 2016)
What would I die for? – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monijou, Berlin

2016 (March)
KIK EIGHT . GANZ GROSSES KINO – curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch, Constanze Kleiner and David Szauder @ Kino International Berlin

2016 (February – April)
Reflection . self-reflection – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin

2015 (December)
Berlin and Munich in artistic dialogue – m+projekt Kunstraum, Munich

2015 (November – December)
THE TASTE OF ADDICTION – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin

2015 (December)
nice from far from nice – Pop-Up Restaurant with Bernheimer Contemporary & Moritz von Hohenzollern – Munich

2015 (November)
PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V. – 13. BENEFIZAUKTION 2015, Munich

2015 (October)
HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair Munich – Gallery Bernheimer / Colnaghi, Munich/London

2015 (July – August)
Who Cares? Social Responsibility in Contemporary Art – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin

2014 (November)
HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair Munich – Gallery Bernheimer / Colnaghi, Munich/London

2014 (September)
VANTIAS – Bernheimer Contemporary as guest at Bernheimer Fine Old Masters, Munich

2014 (May – August)
The T.TABLE II – Q110 – Die Deutsche Bank der Zukunft, Berlin

2013 (October – November)
The T.TABLE I – JRGallery, Berlin